First Week Down!

My first week of Fall Term was this week!  I am so excited about my classes, my teachers seem awesome, but I am definitely going to be having some homework to do!  I’m taking 6 classes, this fall, but before anyone freaks out, two of them are fitness classes, and one is kind of an independent study for my program.

Monday and Wednesday are suuuuuuuuuper easy for me, I only have two classes, a college writing class, and a Core and Cardio fitness class.  The writing class, doesn’t seem to bad, I will have some basic homework, but it seems very doable.  Core and Cardio is pretty fun, its an aerobic style class, which is something I’m not great at, so I am learning to try and say on beat and in rhythm!  It’s great to be trying out something I don’t have much experience with, so I can see if I like it, and maybe want to try teaching classes in the future and incorporating it in.

Tuesday, is a bit more daunting, but Thursday, oh gosh, is Thursday a douse.  So my first class on both days is at 8 am, it’s called Health & Fitness for Life, and it’s basically talking about how we can be healthier as individuals, and as a nation.  Then on Tuesdays I have 4 hours off, but on Thursdays, I have a 3 hour Anatomy & Physiology lab, eeeeek!  Then a short break, and into the lecture portion of A&P, another break, then my independent study, which is an Exercise Training class, and rounding out the night with yoga at 5-6pm.

****Graphic Photo Below****

Wooooo!  Even just listing that out makes me tired!!  I really love my teachers though, so I think this term is going to go so great, and having a positive mindset is half the battle right?!  Even with all of these classes, I am still making time to get in all of my lifting, and even if I only have 40 minutes for a lifting session, I still make sure to get it in.  There are no excuses in life, and you are only going to get to your goals by putting in the time and the effort!  I learned that through my horse showing career, I had the cheapest horse, and the tightest budget, but I was one of the hardest workers, putting in 5 or 6 hours in the saddle daily, and against all odds, I was top 10 in the world after one year of busting my ass!  So anything is attainable, so long as you work as hard as you can, and make your dreams a priority.

Well, that was enough of a little soap box 😀 time for me to get going to bed so I can read 40 pages of A&P tomorrow, and maybe even go on a little hike.  I hope you all are doing well!  Anyone else in school right now?  I’m excited about it being fall, how bout you guys?!  Until next time 🙂

Happy Running!


What A Long Week!

So I just finished my 6 day work week.  UGH, it was long!!  But I’m so glad that it is over, because school starts on Monday for the fall quarter, and I need to go to the store and buy some stuff and get everything ready for the week, including food of course. 😀

This week I worked out only a few times, I felt like with the long hours that I was putting in I didn’t really want to then go out and exercise, one afternoon I even took a nap which I never do.  So I was tired and figured I would try and treat my body well and take care of it.  Every once in a while we all need a little break to help keep ourselves going.  Even though I didn’t workout that much, I did make sure to keep on my diet, and I was really good this week, I hit all my food goals for the week.  I didn’t really see any weight changes this week, and I think I just hit a mini-plateau after losing 8.5 pounds, so I think that I’m going to treat this weekend as a re-feed, and see if I can jump start my metabolism again.  I’m not to worried about it, I know that with weightloss, there are so many things that can affect you weight, your hormones, your sleep schedule, how much water you drank the day before, if you are stressed, etc.  Plus I still have 5 weeks of strict dieting left, I’ll probably take a bit of a break for the holidays but still keep myself in check for the most part, and then start a dieting phase again in the early spring.

As I mentioned before, school starts Monday!  I’m really excited!  I have a bunch of classes that I am looking forward to this year, so many fitness related classes, like exercise training, and health and fitness for life, I think I’m going to have a bunch of fun.  It’s definitely going to be a lot of work, but I’m so ready to learn about what interests me and get moving towards my goals.  Plus I got a job at school, and I think I’m going to quit my other job and just work part time at school, which is right across the street from my house, so I’m gonna be saving a ton on gas! 😀

I’m ready for fall, and all that comes with it, is anyone else starting school or just started?

Happy Running!


Goodbye Summer!

Summer has flown by this year, maybe it’s just because there is actually fall in Southern Oregon so it seems like a more definitive end?  There really isn’t a real fall in California, so it’s a new experience to wake up and it actually be in the 40s in the morning!  I’m liking it though because I am not someone that does well in the heat, I wilt in the sun. 🙂

Anyways, this week has been awesome!  I still have another week until school starts, and I can use the school gym for my workouts so I got a free week pass to a gym on Monday so I could get my lifting in and stay on track.  I tried to do the at home thing for a week, but it did not work for me, I need to be at a gym to get a really good session in.  So Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I did my powerlifting  splits, and then Monday-Thursday I also did accessory work.  Everything went really well!  I restarted my program so all the weights were very light this week, but I pushed hard on the accessory movements and was feeling it in my glutes after leg day!

In my last blog, I talked about how I want to run again, and it was such a nice morning here today that I went out for a quick little jaunt, and ran a mile!  It felt so great, and super easy, I could have kept going, but I wanted to be conservative and build my legs up so I don’t feel any discomfort in my shins.  I am so happy!  Hopefully a few days this week will also be a bit cooler in the afternoons and I can get a few more miles in. 🙂

It’s been such a good week for me, I think knowing school is starting up in just over a week is making me very motivated to work hard now while I have all the time in the world.  Also, I am currently 8.5 lbs down and I just finished week 8 of my diet!  So that made me very happy!

I hope you all have had a great week too, anything fun happen this week?  Let me know!

Happy Running


Is Running A Thing?

So I was supposed to be running my first half marathon this fall, but my life had other plans for me.  I started a 12 week training program in June, and I was really powering through it even though I felt like crap after each run.  I leave for work at 7:00 so that meant that I was up at 5 or 5:30 to run 3 or 4 times each work week, because it was waaaaaay to hot when I got home from work.

I hadn’t done fasted running in quite awhile, before I was doing maybe 2 runs a week leading up to training (I know, I shoulda done more) and I was always doing them after I had some food in me, usually on the weekends.  Besides not having enough fuel in my system to keep my muscles happy my body also decided to reward me with my shin splints again!  It was a super fun time trying to run with shin splints!  I did what I thought would help, icing, foam rolling, compression socks, etc, but nothing really helped.  What the problem was, I think, was that I was on my feet at work all day, so my legs never got that rest time after a run to heal.

Anyways, after struggle busing for about 4 weeks, I decided that I needed to listen to my body, and my life and just take a break.  I let my legs heal, and worked on strength stuff, and I have been doing cardio on a spin bike, or a regular bike, and I’m hoping that has helped.  I really want to race again, and I am really disappointed that I couldn’t just power through my discomfort, so I’m planning on starting up running again in a week or two.

Luckily in Southern Oregon, it’s already cooling off, so I’m just waiting until it is in the 70s in the afternoons before I start running again, since I’m not thinking morning running is going to happen (I like sleep)!  I’m going to start out really slowly to help my legs acclimate, and get my lungs on the same page, I’ll probably start as conservative as 5 miles a week, and give my body several days rest in between each run.  It really doesn’t sound like much, I wish I could do more!  As they say, slow and steady wins the race right?

I’m thinking of planning a race for this winter, I have yet to decide where though, but I’m kind of wanting to make a little weekend trip out of it since I’ll be right about half way though school at that time.  It’s a perfect reason to have a little vacation!  So after this long winded explanation about my running life, the summary is, I haven’t been running, and I want to start again!

I hope you all are having a great fall, anyone racing soon?

Happy Running


Ummmmmmm… HELLO!

Long time no see!  Or read, whatever floats your boat.  I took a little break from social media this summer simply because I feel like when something starts to take over your life you probably need to take a step back and evaluate your relationship with that thing, so that’s what I did.  It was very nice, for anyone who feels like they are consumed by social media it really is nice to take a break for awhile.

So anyways, a little recap of my life, I started school this summer!  I am working on an exercise science program with the goal of working in the fitness industry, so I started taking some of my classes this summer to get a jump on the work load. 🙂  I am happy to report that I finished my first term with all A’s, so three classes down, and a ton more to go!  I got through a required college study course, a Nutrition course, and a Weight Lifting class, and I loved the 2 courses that were actually for my program, they were so fun, and it makes me so motivated to finish up the next 3 terms (it’s on the quarter system).

I also have started a diet program for myself, I am going to be cutting for 14 weeks, and I currently just started week 8 yesterday.  I am really happy with my results so far, I haven’t been killing myself over my diet but I have still lost 7.5 lbs from my highest to lowest weigh ins so far!  This is the first diet that I am actually attacking with a plan, a set date to stop by, and a goal to get to.  My relationship with food is so improved from what is was even just 6 months ago, and I think that is a main reason why I’m having such a better experience with this diet.

During the summer I started a powerlifting program that I unfortunately had to stop for about 3 weeks because I hurt my back pretty badly and since I have recurring SI pain it was best to just take a break.  I just started up a new program today, and I’m really excited!  I really want to see how strong I can become, and how that can help me make aesthetic goals too.  Today I worked shoulders and legs in addition to my 3 main lifts and it was such a good workout, I really needed it!

So that was kind of a little catch up on my life!  I start up my next term of school in 2 weeks, so I’ll definitely keep you guys updated on my route to becoming a fitness professional. 🙂  I’m also going to update regularly about my diet and my weight loss goals and also tips/tricks that have been helping me out while being in a caloric deficit!  Now I need to go read all of your guys blogs, and catch up on all my Internet friends lives!

Anyone else starting school soon or have already started?  Let me know, we can commiserate about homework together!

Happy Running!


It’s A Good Day To Have A Good Day

Hello friends!  Long time no see, and this time it was actually for a good reason!  I started at my new job last week, and anyone who has worked in retail knows that it can be pretty tiring during the adjustment period.  I’m glad I finally got a part time gig worked out for myself for at least the next few months until I start school in the fall.

Speaking of school I have also been working on getting everything sorted out so that I can start taking classes.  Colleges always make you jump through hoops, but Oregon definitely has more regulations than in California when you are trying to sign up for classes.  Hopefully after I take the placement tests I’ll be all good to go and I’ll be approved to start signing up for my classes since I want to try and take one or two this summer so I can kind of get a jump on it.

In fitness news, I’ve been pretty relaxed, I have gone on a few runs the past few weeks, and done some weight lifting at the gym and light mat work at home.  Nothing to crazy.  With work just starting up, I’m trying to configure my workouts and how my days will go.  Plus I’m trying to be nicer to myself and not beat myself up if I don’t work out every single day.  I figure with half marathon training coming up at the end of next month I need to not stress now, but slowly start building up my base the next 4 weeks.  Since I’m doing a beginner program I’ll be starting with short runs the first week or two, so as long as I start clocking in about 5 to 6 miles a week, I’m good with it.

Nutrition wise, I have been feeling pretty good!  I’ve been tracking my food most days too so that I keep on track and don’t binge eat (which I have a habit of doing), and its been going great, I’ve been feeling better about how I view food.  I also love summer because of the produce, so I have been keeping my smoothies a standard in my diet.  I usually make them with Almond milk, banana, some type of berry, and Nuttzo (for 20% off use code Sasha-20), sometimes I add in some cinnamon for some extra flavor!  I also am a huge PB&J fan and a banana sandwich fan, I usually use Nuttzo for those too, since they have peanut butter and almond butter (what I use in my smoothies).

So life is looking up!  There are ups and downs in everyone’s journeys, you just gotta keep moving on and life will get better.  I’m looking forward to the next few weeks!  How bout you guys?  Is anyone looking forward to the next few weeks also?

Happy Running!


Getting Out Of That Rut

Recently (whether or not I have wanted to admit it) I have been in a rut.  A rut with fitness, nutrition, life, I have just been feeling uninspired and stagnant.  I’m the kind of person that likes to avoid “tough” stuff, and I usually end up holing up in my room and pretending the rest of the world doesn’t exist.  Sounds healthy right?

As cliche as it sounds, for me, it’s simply one day at a time.  I made the decision to get up and immediately go for a run this morning, which is then a snowball effect leading to me wanting to eat healthier afterwards.  Baby steps really do make a difference, and just getting back into the habit of being active every day is going to make a difference.

Like many others, when I get down on myself or my life I tend to want to just lay around, which is the opposite of helpful.  The great thing about exercising?  Endorphin’s.  When my mood spirals downward it doesn’t help to then stop moving and not even get a workout high to help, but missing a few days then makes it that much harder to get up.

We all have different motivations for exercising, some want to be really fast, really strong, or lose weight.  The real thing that should motivate us the most is how we feel afterwards.  Yeah I want to get back to the weight where I loved my body the most, but until that happens, getting out and running makes me really happy.  Sometimes I forget that.  I get so caught up in not having reached the end goal (in any aspect of life) that I forget why I love doing something.  Hopefully next time I’m in a rut, I’ll remember that and be able to get up a little easier and head out for that run.

Happy Running


The First Week In May!

Hello friends!  TGIF, am I right?  This week has been pretty good, I had a few interviews, and I should be starting a new job in the next week or so, so I’m very excited about that!  Also its the first week in May so we all know what that means right?  Derby Week!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I come from a horse background, and I love horse racing.  This week was the lead up to the first Saturday in May which is always Kentucky Derby day, the first jewel in the Triple Crown.  So I’m pretty excited, last year was the first time in 37 years that the Triple Crown was won with American Pharoah.  I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us, it always proves to be a great time.  Plus just watching the crazy fashion on TV is pretty amazing, everyone wears big, fun hats, and just look so glamorous.  Obviously that’s what I’m doing tomorrow!

But to get back to the regular tone of this blog, fitness, food, etc, its been a pretty good week on that front too.  I ran a few times this week, and they felt pretty good, I think I’m going to try an get a run in tonight also.  Food wise, I’ve eaten more fruit this week as my snacks so that’s really good, I love fruit so its really a matter of just having it on hand.  I have been feeling a bit tired but I’ve also not been sleeping the best this week, and as they say the less you move the less likely you want to move, so I just need to keep my activity level up.

So far I’ve taken the dog out for about a .75 mile walk, I’m going to get some gardening done this afternoon, and as I said get a run in this evening.  I have a 3 miler on my schedule so that should be a pretty simple run, short and sweet!  Right now I’m just working on keeping miles on my legs before I start half-marathon training in June, I’m planning on just doing a beginner program, so I’m not to worried about running long distances every day.  I’ll just keep adding on some miles each week, and then when I start training, I’ll play around with fueling, gels, bars, real food, etc.  I did get some great advice from you guys last week, so I’ll definitely be using it.

Happy Derby week, Happy Mother’s Day weekend, and Happy Running!


Summer Is Coming!

The weather here has been pretty sporadic, but one thing is for sure, its starting to heat up!  The past few days we had some rain showers, but the week before that we were having 70-80 degree days, and it looks like we will be back to that by this weekend and into next week.

Why the forecast update you may ask?  Well it sure makes you have to switch up your running schedule if you are like me and like to run during the day.  Plus this is always when my diet really gets a good shake up!  Literally!  I have started putting smoothies back into my diet the past few weeks because is there anything you want more when its hot out than a nice cold smoothie?  Especially if it tastes like ice cream. 🙂

My smoothie bowls are not quite as aesthetic as others lol

Most of you guys already know that I love smoothies, and the recipes I use (here and here), and I have been loving either just straight strawberries and banana or using mixed berries and cinnamon and vanilla extract.  For desert adding some cacao powder is the perfect chocolate ice cream substitute, and I usually at some chocolate Nuttzo for some crunch and some protein (for 20% off use code sasha-20).

I put Nuttzo in my oatmeal too 🙂

This week on my 3-mile run I decided to take a hilly route, and boy was that a challenge!  I forgot how hard hills were, since I pretty much never run hills, and my shin splints took a little bit of a beating which didn’t bode well for running today.  I opted to ride my bike today as my cardio since, even with wearing my calf sleeve last night, my shin did not feel great today.  I have learned my lesson from the past about not pushing the subject, I’ll just end up feeling worse.

Hopefully I feel back to normal tomorrow (Friday) and I can get a good run in (a flat one this time!) and hopefully just keep putting the miles in before I start half-marathon training this summer.  I start training for my first half-marathon at the end of June, so I’m pretty excited for it!  If anyone has any advice, I would love to hear it!

Hope all of your guys runs are going well this week!

Happy Running!


I Went To LA?

I’M ALIVE!  Lol!  I have been off my social media scene for awhile mainly because I went on a trip about a week and a half ago, and honestly just didn’t feel like blogging while I was having fun.  Which is normal right?  Spend your life with experiences, not stuck to your electronics!  So where did I go you may ask?  I went down to LA to visit my sister for my birthday.

I got down there on the 7th, the day before my birthday, and the festivities began!  On Friday, I went for a birthday run in Sepulveda Basin to start the day off right, and luckily my sister works short hours, so by the time I was home and showered we were ready to head out to do some stuff and eat a late lunch.  Since I have been to LA about a million times but I have never really done touristy stuff we decided to head to downtown LA and go check out the buildings, maybe a museum or market, we were just letting the day take us where it wanted.  I had a great time, we went to Grand Central Market, the Bradbury Building (from What Women Want), and The Last Book Store.


After that we headed to my favorite spot for dinner, The Apple Pan.  If you have never been, its an institution.  I hasn’t been changed since about the 60’s or 70’s and it is just a U shaped counter with seating, no booths, no reservations, no hostess, nothing.  There is always people there but if you don’t like waiting you can order takeout.  The food is awesome, they have burgers and sandwiches, and fries, with a selection of sodas that they serve in a paper cup in a tin, super old school.  The burgers are pretty dang good, but where there talent really lies is in the pie.  I always get apple pie a la mode and it is literally life changing, its amazing!

 Then we headed to a bar that is library themed down the street (my sister is a librarian), and the group of us got a drink to celebrate my bday.  The place was called The Wellesbourne, and it is really cool, it even has a fireplace in it.  I got some champagne of course and it was the perfect end to the night.

 Saturday was really the main reason for why I went to LA, it was Santa Anita Derby Day!  I love horse racing, I grew up going to tracks and riding and showing horses my whole life so this was a dream.  I saw some amazing horses and jockeys there, including Gary Stevens who played George Wolf in Seabiscuit the movie.  Who I was really set on seeing though was Bob Baffert, hall of fame trainer, and the trainer of last years Triple Crown winner, American Pharoah.  I have been following Bob’s career since I was about 10, and I have always loved his horses, so seeing him was amazing!  I highly reccomend everyone going to the races, especially at Santa Anita because they are so reasonably priced ($5 general admission), and its an amazing atmosphere when everyone is cheering for their horse to win.

Sunday was our lazy day, we went to Malibu, Santa Monica, and then we drove Mullholand Dr.  There were some crazy views of the whole city from the outlook up on the Hills, you could see from the Hollywood sign to downtown to Santa Monica and the ocean!  Definitely take a drive up there if you can, and take a star map with you too.  Later that evening three of us went out to a tiki bar and it was so cute, the drinks were very and it was a ton of fun!  It was called the Tonga Hut, and you get your moneys worth so definitely check it out!


I wasn’t planning on staying until Monday, but I knew that Harry Potter World opened on my birthday weekend so my sister and her friends and I all went!  It was AMAZING!  I have been reading the books since I was 6 (my mom used to read them to us), and I have been to the midnight premiers for the books and movies, so going to the park was a dream.  It was everything I thought it would be and everyone needs to go!  An extra special wizarding touch was that Jason Isaac’s (Lucius Malfoy) was there!  He was just their with his kids, and it was the most magical thing to see him!


Tuesday we went to LACMA, a museum in LA which was very fun, and then we went up to the Star Walk by the Chinese theater, and we ran into the world premier of the new Captain America film!  It was pretty cool to watch the stars arrive and do the red carpet, it was such a chance we ran into it, and it was such the LA experience.

Wednesday I drove home, and now I’m getting back to real life, which is no fun at all, but I have a 3 mile run tomorrow, so hopefully that goes well.  I hope you all have been having good weeks/weekends!  I have missed my online family!

Happy Running!