Mmmmm Smoothies

One of my favorite meals is smoothies, especially now that it is summer. They are so cool and refreshing, they are literally the perfect quick meal, all you have to do is throw in your favorite fruit/veggies, or whatever you hanging around the house.  My go to smoothie is a simple strawberry and banna smoothie … Continue reading Mmmmm Smoothies


Long Run Day!

Hey all! Today, I was so nervous to complete my training run, I was supposed to run 4 miles straight through, without stopping, a feat I had never attempted before. I seriously didn't think I could do it, but I wanted to push through as much as I could, baring any injury, I was going … Continue reading Long Run Day!

Booze, why don’t you like my body?

I do not have the best of stomachs (TMI, I know), and alcohol had never quite sat right with me.  When I was 21 and drinking all the time, no biggie, I built up a tolerance, and especially when I was at horse shows, everything about my nutrition was bad.  The funny thing is I … Continue reading Booze, why don’t you like my body?

Rest Day? Whats Rest Day?

Technically today on my training plan is rest day, so naturally I had to do something right?  I kept away from any cardio or leg strengthening because I'm running 3 miles in the morning, but that didn't mean that I couldn't do something else! I have a weak core since that is my absolute least … Continue reading Rest Day? Whats Rest Day?

The Big Bad World Of Wearables

I'm sure many of you either own a fitness wearable, or have at least looked into/considered buying one.  I am one of the latter, I have never owned one, and have balked at just going out and buying one and hoping for the best because of the cost of the quality name brands.  Well now … Continue reading The Big Bad World Of Wearables

Nike+ Running Coach

So on Monday I started a Nike+ Running Coach on the app (fyi I do not get paid for any plugs!), it suggested that I do the intermediate plan under the 5k goal, so that is what I have signed up for!  Its 8 weeks and over 100 miles to complete, it sounds daunting, but … Continue reading Nike+ Running Coach

Summer Goals

Everyone should have goals in life, short term, long term, 10 days or 10 year goals. So for this summer I have decided to set some goals for myself. Goal #1 - Finish my Nike+ Running training program. I started an 8 week 5k training program on their iPhone app on 6/22/15, and it is … Continue reading Summer Goals