Where has the time gone?! I’m now starting week seven of my training program out of eight! I’m excited and nervous that it’s so close to race time, but at least I feel prepared, now it’s all about managing my legs and making sure I’m good to go come August 16th. 

Running through CAJ at sunrise 

This past week was a little rough, some shin pain, and just soreness in my legs from having an active weekend last weekend. I also changed up some of my weightlifting routine, trying to work more on my gluteus medius and maximus, hamstrings and core. 

Can’t you tell I’m thrilled? 

 Got those quads poppin lol

I made sure to hit up some yoga and ballet barre classes last week too! If any of you are in Northern California hit up Yoga Core Fit and take a class, they have a bunch of different styles of teaching and classes, it’s great. 

Some stomach issues got in the way of some runs too (TMI I know lol), but for the miles I didn’t run, I made sure to at least walk them. Sometimes you need to be able to think on your feet and switch up your plan last minute. I learned that from showing horses for many years! 

Downtown Dixon at 6:30 am

Now it’s definitely time to ice, use compression and take care of my legs for the next two weeks. Running in Golden Gate Park will be different for sure, so I’m definitely getting some lifting in this week so I can taper out the weights next week. 


Getting those gains!

I’ll definitely make sure not to go dancing in heels before a long run again too, my feet and calves were way to sore for the 6 miler! But at least going to listen to some 80s music was super fun! It’s always important to have some down time from life and training, it’s all about balance. 🙂 

Happy Running! 


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