Work It Out

There needs to be more hours in the day!  It seems like I never have enough time to accomplish everything I want to do (clearly this means the work day needs to be shorter), and it always seems like I'm playing catch up with my sleep.  Even when one is busy, one must make time … Continue reading Work It Out


My one true love in life?  Food, duh.  I must say I spend a great deal of my day thinking about food, what I'm going to eat, what would be cool to try cooking, etc.  This is probably helped along with the fact that for my current job I sit in front of a computer … Continue reading Fooooooooood

Gaaaahhhhh, Why So Expensive!

I love all sports that I have participated in, soccer, basketball, equestrian, running, etc, but why are sports so expensive?!  I guess I need to console myself with the fact that no matter how much I think an awesome new pair of running tights are, they in no way compare to what I had to … Continue reading Gaaaahhhhh, Why So Expensive!

Just Keep Swimming

Its amazing what a little perspective will do for you and your motivation you know?  Sometimes I feel like I'm not getting any better, losing any weight, getting any stronger, etc, but even when I have some off days or weeks, I just have to look at where I was this time last year.  Or … Continue reading Just Keep Swimming

Where has the time gone?

Hello friends!  Long time no see right?  Been right about a week since I posted last because I let my life just get away from me, does that ever happen to you?  You just get caught up in the things you have to do, things you've planned, the work flow, etc, and next thing you … Continue reading Where has the time gone?

You Are Old When…

Full disclosure its Friday night and I'm sitting in some running tights and a sports bra with my glasses on and a face mask on, hanging out with a couple of dogs, I'm just going crazy tonight! 🙂 To my defense, I'm house sitting so that's why I'm just chilling with some animals, which is really nice, … Continue reading You Are Old When…

They See Me Grazin, They Hatin

So I did the free trail for the Graze subscription box, and I said that I would do a review so here it is (finally!)! (Also, I am in no way sponsored or affiliated with Graze, I wish!) I got my free trial code from Blogilates, there was a post on her Instagram page awhile back, … Continue reading They See Me Grazin, They Hatin