Gaaaahhhhh, Why So Expensive!

I love all sports that I have participated in, soccer, basketball, equestrian, running, etc, but why are sports so expensive?!  I guess I need to console myself with the fact that no matter how much I think an awesome new pair of running tights are, they in no way compare to what I had to buy to show my horse!


It’s just the fact of being an adult, you know?  It’s so funny, I used to see something I wanted or needed for horse shows, and I would almost always buy it, but now I see some running tights or shoes, or anything really, and I think, is it worth it?  Just being 23, I’m now thinking about my future, and needing to build up my savings, and keeping my credit card bill down, and just being responsible.  It’s probably a good thing I’m more conscious of my finances, but I will say that it kind of sucks!  I miss the days when I just did what I want, but man responsibilities!

It especially sucks having to be an adult when the weather starts to change, and all you want to do is go buy some cute new work out clothes!  Why do they always have to be so adorable, and so expensive?  At least for the most part working out really is free.  A good pair of shoes will go a long way, and you really don’t need a gym since there are so many at home workouts online, and you can just run outside unless you injure yourself (like I do with my shin splints).  The great thing about exercising though is when you think about all these things, and other adult stresses, and you go on a run and everything looks better afterwards.


I’ve had more than my fair share of personal stresses this year, and exercising has really helped me put it into perspective, which is great.  I don’t have to plan a group to go play basketball, find, sign up and pay for a yoga class, all I have to do is put on some shoes and head outside and breathe in the fresh air.  Even when it sucks, you still love that you went out at the end of it.  So really the meaning of my word vomit for today is that sometimes the best form of therapy is free!!

I hope you all have gotten off to a good week, and are finding comfort and peace with your running!

Happy Running!


PS. Please donate even just $5 dollar if you have it to the Ronald McDonald House Charities, you can donate here and write me a note to encourage me on my way to finish my 15K


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