Turkey Turkey Turkey!

The last week has been pretty crazy, story of my life right?  My roommate decided to have people over several times over the days leading up to the holiday so that definitely made my life harder, especially since there was no forewarning!  My sister drove up to my house on Tuesday from the LA area, … Continue reading Turkey Turkey Turkey!


The Struggle

Well November took an unexpected turn for me!  There is a reason that I have been MIA from pretty much everything (here, instagram, fb, etc), and that would be because I made an emergency trip down to Arizona late last Tuesday night (Nov 10th).  Everything is fine now, we were a bit concerned about my … Continue reading The Struggle


So anyone that exercises often knows that you are always hungry!  So trying out some new tasty ideas is always something that I'm down for.    Sister and I hanging out at Apple Hill with all the amazing food! The other week my sister visited me for the weekend, and I happened to have a … Continue reading Brunchin

Let there be light!

For some reason California all of a sudden decided over the course of one weekend to become fall/winter.  First we have daylight savings time which I half like half dislike since now its totally impossible to run when its light out during the week, but the upside is I get to drive to work in … Continue reading Let there be light!