Holidays are Time Consuming

It has been a busy few weeks, I'm sure you all can agree to that!  I got home last night from my parents house which is a bit of a drive away but it was very fun to go home for the holiday.  Its funny, the last few weeks I have simultaneously felt like I … Continue reading Holidays are Time Consuming


PRs Are Kind Of Cool

Isn't it funny how after a race/run you always look back and think "Oh that was awesome!" but during the fact you feel like you are gonna die?  I definitely felt that way this past weekend.  Last Saturday, I ran my first 10K!  There weren't that many people at the race, since it was just … Continue reading PRs Are Kind Of Cool

Christmas Crafts!

If you didn't know this about me already, I'm a secret homemaker!  I love decorating, crafting, and cooking, I think I would have done really well as a 1950's housewife. 🙂  Anyways, I did a bit of decorating, baking, and crafting, and I wanted to share some of the fun stuff I did, and if … Continue reading Christmas Crafts!


This past week has really done wonders for my outlook, thank goodness!  I finally feel like I had some free time, I got to finally sleep, I didn't run or workout very much at all, and I was just lazy.  Sometimes being lazy is what is needed, so long as it doesn't become a habit. … Continue reading R&R

Oh December

Few facts about December Leaving work and it being dark already really sucks. Running when it is not blisteringly hot is really great. It's the month that has Christmas, so that's a bonus! Trying to make sure you are warmed up enough before a run is way harder. And scheduling workouts around holiday activities can … Continue reading Oh December