Loving and Lusting!

I can't believe that January is already over!  It seems like just yesterday it was New Years, and I was having a fun little 3.5 day weekend, where did the time go?  Since its the end of the new year, I wanted to share some awesome stuff that I have been loving and maybe you … Continue reading Loving and Lusting!

Is It Really Cheating?

For some reason I really hate that phrase "cheat day" like its something bad to want to have food that is not chicken and rice every day?  Or to indulge in a dessert once every few weeks or months.  Why do you have to "cheat" why can't you just want to have the food and … Continue reading Is It Really Cheating?

Is It Saturday Yet?

This week has felt so long, but at least tomorrow is Friday right?!  Work has felt so long this week, so much that needed to be done/re-done which was annoying but it is what it is, you can only do so much with the information you are provided, so I made do, and busted my … Continue reading Is It Saturday Yet?

Wishing it was the Weekend

Doesn't it always feel like as soon as its the weekend its over?  I think we need to implement mandatory 3-day weekends in the US, don't you guys?  It would definitely help me fit in all my errands, chores, and fun activities in during one weekend!    I got some good workouts in during the … Continue reading Wishing it was the Weekend

Happy and healthy

This winter everyone seems to be getting sick out here in California!  I am going to guess it has to do with the El Nino weather patterns that have been happening out here as of late, switching from 30s/40s to high 50s and back again is bound to mess with anyone.  So it got me … Continue reading Happy and healthy

Injuries Are Stupid

Ugh, I got the worst news that a runner can get, don't run.  I hurt my foot during my race two weeks ago and it was feeling better by Monday so I ran on it.  In the words of Vivian Ward, "Big mistake, huge."  So its been more sore this week (though it is feeling better today), … Continue reading Injuries Are Stupid

A Week In The Life!

I am so glad I made it through last week!  I was so tired, and my foot was still sore, so sleeping in this weekend was great, plus there is nothing better on a rainy day than laying in bed listening to it.  Saturday was kind of the perfect day to just head out to … Continue reading A Week In The Life!

Chocolate Fuels the Soul

The Hot Chocolate 15K was so much fun!  The actual race was pretty hard because of the hills, but the route was stunning, and so was the area that they had us all gather before/after the race.  If you have never been to San Francisco, I would highly suggest checking out Golden Gate park, I've … Continue reading Chocolate Fuels the Soul

Hump Day

That daily grind though!  This week has been a little rough so far, I've been a bit tired muscle wise from my race on Sunday (race recap to come!) and I also hurt my foot pretty badly so I've been taking a few days off.  Unfortunately I haven't been using that time to sleep like … Continue reading Hump Day

Finally Fiday

Not going to lie, I have been struggle busing this week.  I have worked out only a little bit, I had all these grand plans to get in maybe 4 runs this week, and do my lifting at the gym, and if I had some time, head over to the yoga studio.  Well you know … Continue reading Finally Fiday