Tennessee in California

Did you all know that this year marks the 100th anniversary for the National Park Service?!  For me growing up, we were always at National Parks, National Reserves, Monuments, Historical Sites, etc.  My parents were always getting us out in nature and showing us the amazing places in our country that will hopefully be around for many more years.  It didn’t hurt that most of these things were free!

To kick off my New Year right, I decided to drive out to the coast of California to Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and went for an amazing hike.  I saw a blog post awhile back about Tennessee Valley and the beautiful beach there, and I have been wanting to go for weeks but I just never made the time.  Well a 3-day weekend was the perfect time for the trip, I did the hour drive out there and was lucky to find a spot to park at the trail head!

Walking through a canyon

 The hike out to the beach isn’t hard at all, and I knew that going in, so I wasn’t planning on getting any real exercise, but I was due for some ocean time.  It was about a mile and a half until the ocean, and the remote beach was amazing, there were all these little coves in the cliffs, and it was just stunning.  I hung out on the beach for about an hour or so and just listened to the surf and read a little bit of a book.  Its amazing how happy something like that can make you.

 After hanging out there, I wanted to get the view from up on the cliffs and see the awe inspiring ocean in full.  There was an overlook of the beach so I climbed way to many stairs and got an incredible view, after that view, I decided I wanted to get really high so I hiked up the Coastal Trail a short ways.

It was a bit of a climb, but so worth it, you could see San Francisco from the top and over to Muir Beach.  I unfortunately didn’t have enough time before the sun was going to set to hike more of the Coastal Trail but I am for sure going to plan a full day dedicated to getting there early and hiking as much as I can.  Getting out in nature is so refreshing it just always puts me in a better head space.  Its nice to get away from the stresses of life by going and seeing natures wonders, life just can’t be all that bad when you are looking at so much beauty.

Hello San Francisco!

I hope you all get a chance to head out and visit our nations parks, they really are one of the best things our nation has done.  If you are planning on getting out, where to?  Let me know!

Happy Running!


P.S. I saw so many trail runners out there, probably because the SF Run Co is right down the road, and I have so much respect for them.  I thought some of the trails were a hard hike, let alone a trail run!


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