Injuries Are Stupid

Ugh, I got the worst news that a runner can get, don’t run.  I hurt my foot during my race two weeks ago and it was feeling better by Monday so I ran on it.  In the words of Vivian Ward, “Big mistake, huge.”  So its been more sore this week (though it is feeling better today), and I’ve been trying to stay off of it and ice it which is making me crazy to the point I’m cleaning out some of my old show clothes to pass the time!

All the sparkles!

Anyways, I FaceTimed with my mom (she is a Physical Therapist) last night because it was really hurting after work, and she said no more running at all and to go to the doctor.  I kind of had an idea that this was what was going to happen, but I can’t say I’m thrilled about it. Apparently it sounds like my issues are coming from some small tendons in my foot which can be serious so I can’t play around with it.  I’m hoping when I’m finally able to actually able to get to see my doctor (which of course isn’t for days), it will be healed and I’ll be cleared to run.

Looks like for now it will be elliptical or bike work for the next week, but I guess this gives me more time to work on my weight lifting since I won’t be spending 1-2 hours running every night.  There are always silver linings right?  Plus the elliptical isn’t that bad, and it will help me keep my fitness up, and maybe I can figure out a program to simulate hills on it since that is my weak point when it comes to running.

Guess I’ll work on being a Strong, Strong Friend! 

All I know is I’m on the gimp list and I’m not happy about it!  I hope all you guys are having a better week than me?  How have the rest of you guys coped with injuries?

Happy Running!



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