Is It Saturday Yet?

This week has felt so long, but at least tomorrow is Friday right?!  Work has felt so long this week, so much that needed to be done/re-done which was annoying but it is what it is, you can only do so much with the information you are provided, so I made do, and busted my butt to try and get everything done correctly.  I will say I am very much looking forward to the weekend though, it can’t come soon enough!

Fixin those sore legs!

I was suffering on Monday (from girl fun 😦 ) so I changed my rest day from Wednesday to Monday so I could just go to sleep, which is really what I needed to do.  Tuesday I felt so much better!  I went and did the elliptical for 30 minutes (since I still can’t run) and then I lifted triceps and chest.  I can still feel my muscle soreness today since my chest/tris are some of the weakest muscles.

Wednesday I was planning on getting in 45 minutes on the elliptical, but I had an appointment that was supposed to be at 6 and didn’t actually happen until 6:30 so that put me behind for the day which was really annoying.  I am not great with someone throwing off my schedule, especially when I’m helping someone out, being punctual was always something I grew up with being, so I just don’t understand it.  Anyways, after that set back I did my cardio, and lifted legs and shoulders.  I really tried to do a large volume of leg workouts, I naturally have very skinny legs compared to the rest of my body, so while they are strong they are small, I’m really working on trying to build the muscle up currently.  My hamstrings were feeling it by the end of the workout, but as predicted, no soreness today, which is good and bad!  I need to keep pushing to get those gains, so I’ll start playing with volume and weight.

More beautiful hair-dos (and donts!) on my Insta lol @snl92

Food wise, its been a pretty good week, I have been under my calorie goal everyday so far (I’m working on tracking calories and macros since I want to lose weight), breakfast has been oatmeal with Barney Butter or Nuttzo (20% off with code sasha-20) and organic maple syrup to sweeten it.  Lunch has been spiced brown rice (garlic powder, paprika, Italian seasoning), black beans, and cooked zucchini (garlic powder and pink salt).  For dinner I made kabobs on Sunday, So I had that last night, and I have also been chowing down on Dave’s Killer Bread (thin slice Goodseed) with peanut butter and banana.  I have had some candy at work (why do my coworkers want to torment me!) but luckily they are small “fun size” pieces, so it works out.

I could eat this all the time 🙂

I hope you all have been having a good week, anything fun been happening?  Good food recipes that I should try out?

Happy Running!



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