Eating More & Feeling Better

The past few weeks I've been doing pretty well on my diet, I've been eating a bunch of veggies, and of course eating oatmeal!  I've been testing out eating 4 meals a day and its been making me feeling much better.  I feel less hungry and I'm not feeling the urge to binge on sweets … Continue reading Eating More & Feeling Better

New Shoes Are A Challenge

I've never had to break shoes in before, and man does it suck.  For the most part, as an adult, I have always bought shoes that fit really well and never really had to be broken in or ever gave me blisters.  Every once in awhile I would get a blister horseback riding, or from … Continue reading New Shoes Are A Challenge

Healthy Cake?!

So I became a Nuttzo Ambassador this year (20% off code sasha-20) as many of you know, and while I love eating straight nut butter, I figured I should try actually making something yummy with it!  I already tried chocolate muffins, and believe me, it was a resounding success, so now I'm on to my next try at … Continue reading Healthy Cake?!

First Week Training Done! (Almost)

This week has been such a change!  If you read my last post New Adventures, I am currently in a transition, and my last day of work was on Monday so this week has been pretty great, working out during the actual day (when its light out and the gym isn't busy!), packing my house, and … Continue reading First Week Training Done! (Almost)

New Adventures

Recently I have been feeling rather uninspired when it came to my work life.  Don't get me wrong, where I worked was great, they were very flexible with days off or how many hours I worked, and they didn't micromanage me, it was a great environment.  But some of us are just not cut out … Continue reading New Adventures

Day of Love?

This week has been kind of hectic!  I worked out 3 days during the week and was crazy sore, so finally after 2 rest days I feel great today.  But I'm starting a new training program tomorrow to help me speed up my 5K pace which is my goal for my next race. This week … Continue reading Day of Love?

The Budget Runner

I'm pretty young, I'm only 23 almost 24, and I am no where near being set in a career and having the dough come pouring in.  I also haven't had any help from my parents (besides paying for a hotel very infrequently when I showed horses) since I have turned 18, I was even paying … Continue reading The Budget Runner

Dragging Ass

This weekend just flew by for me, did you guys all feel that way?  I was out with some friends almost all Saturday so that probably contributed to that feeling of the weekend slipping away.  Then of course it was Super Bowl, but I don't care about football at all so it was just another … Continue reading Dragging Ass

Weekend Is Finally Here!

I am so glad this week is over!  It was a pretty great week overall, but I woke up Friday morning with a headache and a majorly runny nose, luckily it was pretty much over by mid-day, but I was not feeling hot in the morning.  Good thing where I work is nice and quiet … Continue reading Weekend Is Finally Here!

Chocolate Muffins are Healthy???

As a human being, I love chocolate, doesn't everyone?  Its kind of just the best thing ever, and I really never get tired of eating or drinking it.  So since I'm a Nuttzo Ambassador this year (code: sasha-20 for 20% off) I decided to try making a tasty recipe using it!    Checking out the website I … Continue reading Chocolate Muffins are Healthy???