Finally Moved!

Long time no see (read)!  So as some of you know, I spent this past weekend moving, so pretty much everything else took a back seat as I finished packing up my apartment and then spending 2 days moving everything.  Today I was able to get settled and unpack most all of my stuff so now I can relax a bit, repack some of my other boxes into empty ones so everything fits nicely, and then I can get started on my life.


I moved up here to Oregon to live with my parents so I could go back to school to complete a fitness certification so I could make a career change.  So now that I have finally gotten moved, I’m going to start looking for a part time job this coming week, and get my workout and nutrition plans locked down.


Currently I’m training for a 5K in April, I decided on that distance because I am working on increasing my speed, I’m sick of not feeling fast when I run, so I’m doing something about it!  My first two weeks of training were okay, last week I had to make some modifications to my training plan because my legs were feeling pretty tight due to packing up my apartment and changing shoes the week prior.  I’m hoping after this next week my training will settle down, and I’ll be able to hit the mileage when it calls for it and work on pushing myself on my speed work days.


Nike had a sale 🙂

So far, I haven’t done my runs this week, but I’m planning on modifying and doing my speed work tomorrow, and then just adding some mileage on each day so I can get my feet under myself.  Hopefully I’ll be feeling good and will be able to follow through on my plans!  I think I’ll go check out the Anytime Fitness here in town tomorrow too, and try and write out a lifting plan for this coming week since I know it won’t be my usual splits.


No matter what, I’m really excited to now have the time to dedicate myself to my fitness and nutrition, and I’m looking forward to seeing some changes in my physique and my stamina!  Feeling excited for the future is not something I have felt for quite awhile, so having a plan and a way to execute it is making me very happy.  Hopefully you are all having a great week, and if any of you are thinking about making a life change, do it!  If it will make you happy, try your hardest to do it.

Happy Running!



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