Who Doesn’t Love Some Blood?

This week has been kind of all over the place, I was feeling great some days, like the beginning of the week and then today I was not feeling well at all.  I also had a job interview on Tuesday morning, so that was great!  It was nerve wracking as expected, but I’m pretty good at keeping my calm during stuff like, my years of showing horses always comes in hand during times like that, put on that pretty fake smile and be charming.  🙂

Fitness wise has been okay, I ran a few miles on Monday on the treadmill but my new gym has the treadmills facing a black white wall, so that didn’t last long.  I busted through my leg workout, and was really happy with it, I’m on the mission to make gains in the hammies and glutes!  Tuesday, I didn’t end up running, just lifted back and biceps at the gym, and worked on getting some of my old horse stuff sold so I could make some money.


Stuff I’m selling, pretty but useless lol

Wednesday was the downfall of the week, I was going to do a 5-miler, and had an epic fail, about 2.2 miles in my ankle rolled a little bit which happens pretty often, and doesn’t hurt.  This time though, I didn’t catch myself, and down I went!  I ended up bruising and ripping up my knee quite a bit, got some good blood out of it, but thankfully I’m not really hurt.  I have a high pain tolerance so this is more of an inconvenience
than anything else.

With the tearing of my flesh on Wednesday I decided to play it safe and went for a bike ride on Thursday.  It was actually really nice, I rode around my housing development, then down to the river, I hung out down there for awhile and then rode home.  It was really nice and I enjoyed it a lot, so I may do more cross training coming up, who knows!  Today (Friday) I went to the gym and rode the exercise bike for about 40ish minutes, and rode 6.75 miles.  I was going to do a heavy lifting session, but after riding the bike, I felt really bad.  All day I have been feeling tired, and usually the gym makes it better but not today, so I went home, and I’m going to plan on lifting my chest/tris and legs tomorrow.

How has your guys weeks been going?  Anyone else take a tumble like me?  I hope not!  Have a great weekend you all!

Happy Running!



3 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Love Some Blood?

    • Yeah, I get that, usually I feel super strong and energized after cardio (usually running) and I’m exhausted after lifting so I always do it that way. Guess yesterday was just an off day lol. Have a great weekend!


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