Building Each Other Up

Recently I read a blog post from Erin Runs Around and she talked about an experience where she had felt embarrassed about the time that she finished a marathon in, which is so crazy to feel that way!  But it got me to thinking that really we all go trough it.  A similar experience happened to me when a stranger was making small talk and asked me what my fastest 3 miler was, and I know it’s in the 32-ish minute range, and the guy made me feel embarrassed to because his old time when he was still runnning was about half of my fastest time.

I started out slow…

That’s just crazy.  No one should ever feel embarrassed or like they have to explain away their time when they get out for a run.  Lets face it, most of us do not have Olympic talent in track and field, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do something and be proud of it because we enjoy it.


…but I got faster…

I have friends that have recently started running, and that’s so great!  I never want them to ever feel like they aren’t supported by the people around them so I always try to give a kind word or some helpful advice if its needed.  Especially when we are at the beginning of our journey we are so easily swayed to stop this crazy journey because we are slow, or look silly, or people think we are crazy, but that’s when the rest of us need to support others the most.

…and stronger…

When I started running, I was even slower than I am now, and I still consider myself slow.  That’s okay!  Hopefully I’ll get a little faster, but at the end of the day, I’m not a waifish slip of a person, and probably won’t be running 6-minute miles, or faster, ever.  Even if I never get super fast, I can run distances, the stronger I get the longer I can go, I never thought I could do 2 miles straight through let alone 10, but I did it!

…and did what I thought impossible

We all have a starting point, and that can mean running for 2 minutes and walking for 1 for distance, or maybe you can run a 9-minute mile out of the gate easy.  No matter what though, we need to support the others in the community, along with friends and family, and let them know that we love that they lace up and get out there even if their family thinks they are crazy.  A kind word on someones blog or Instagram, a “like”, can go a long way to making someone feel better about their journey.

I hope you all are having a fabulous week!

Happy Running!



9 thoughts on “Building Each Other Up

  1. I totally understand this. It took me a while to be “comfortable” being a back of the packer. I run slower than most of my friends – and after a year or two, I came around to the fact that it just meant that i had more people cheering for me when I finished (because they were all done & turned around to cheer me on!). I do, however, still find myself “checking” before I sign up for new races: I check the times of last year’s finishers, to make sure I won’t be the only person running at my 11 to 12 min/mile pace. I don’t want to be last, or completely alone – so I do take that precaution. Slow ‘n steady for the win!

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  2. Thanks for mentioning my post!!! It’s funny that we feel like this especially when running is such an individual sport. I’m all for competing against myself and pushing to the limit that I can go (as long as it’s within the race cutoff). High-five to everyone for getting out there and giving their all – whether your first or last!

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  3. Great post! In general, I have found the running community to be incredibly supportive, but as you mentioned, there are people who can tend to make you feel not so great about your pace. I think running is such and awesome thing, and that everyone should do it, but if other runners are making beginners feel bad, that could be the thing that makes them not want to continue. We all have our own pace, and fast for one person is different than fast for someone else. We should all celebrate each others accomplishments, taking a minute off your mile time is huge improvement, whether you run an 11 minute mile or a 7 minute mile.

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