Summer Is Coming!

The weather here has been pretty sporadic, but one thing is for sure, its starting to heat up!  The past few days we had some rain showers, but the week before that we were having 70-80 degree days, and it looks like we will be back to that by this weekend and into next week. … Continue reading Summer Is Coming!


I Went To LA?

I'M ALIVE!  Lol!  I have been off my social media scene for awhile mainly because I went on a trip about a week and a half ago, and honestly just didn't feel like blogging while I was having fun.  Which is normal right?  Spend your life with experiences, not stuck to your electronics!  So where … Continue reading I Went To LA?

I Scream for Ice Cream!

Hey friends!  So if you have been here at the party (lol) for awhile, you know that I love me a smoothie, and I was kind of experimenting recently, so I wan't to share a fun little recipe with you. 🙂 Its a Chocolate Non-Ice Cream Smoothie!  It really does taste like chocolate ice cream, … Continue reading I Scream for Ice Cream!