What I’ve Been Up To

So, since this is mainly a fitness/running blog, I figured I would give you guys an update on what fitness stuff I have been up to.  If you have read my last posts, you will know that I have been taking fitness classes because I am working on becoming a personal trainer, so that has … Continue reading What I’ve Been Up To

Becoming a Personal Trainer

Since I am almost done with school, I figured that I would make a post about my program, and becoming a Personal Trainer! Some of you may know, this last year I have been attending a community college, and doing a year long program to become a Personal Trainer.  The school that I go to … Continue reading Becoming a Personal Trainer

Ummmmmmm… Hi

So it's been a hot second (literally, its 94 here today), I haven't posted anything since October, honestly because school was taking a bunch of time, and I had a part time job and was trying to stay relatively regular when it came to my fitness routine.  Suffice it to say, most other things got … Continue reading Ummmmmmm… Hi