Becoming a Personal Trainer

Since I am almost done with school, I figured that I would make a post about my program, and becoming a Personal Trainer!

Some of you may know, this last year I have been attending a community college, and doing a year long program to become a Personal Trainer.  The school that I go to is on the quarter system, so the program is 3 terms, full time (12 credits), and a few prerequisites.  That said, I started classes in the summer of 2016, took 7 credits, and now for the past 3 terms I have been going full time to get everything done.  For anyone that wants to get into Personal Training or to become a Group Fitness Instructor, I would highly suggest taking a program and not just reading the book and then taking a test to become certified.


In my program, we had to do the “normal” college classes like Writing, Psychology, etc.  but we also took classes like Group Fitness Instructing, Anatomy and Physiology, and a bunch more.  If you already have a college degree, you would probably have many of the classes done already, like Nutrition and Business Math.  We also were required to take a variety of fitness classes, but we could choose which ones we took.  I took Weight Lifting and Strength Conditioning from a trainer that competes in Power Lifting and can deadlift 600 lbs.  I also took a class called Core and Cardio, and each week we did a different style of cardio like circuits, step, relays, etc.  I took Yoga, which was kind of a bust because the teacher did almost the same routine every week.  This term, I am taking a Pilates Barre class, which is basically a ballet barre class, it’s not like the typical pilates “booty barre”, it’s like almost an actual ballet barre class, which I really like because I love ballet! πŸ˜€

With all of these classes, I have learned so much more than what I have learned from reading the ACSM book in preparation for my test.  Taking a bunch of classes when you are trying to learn from the teachers is so useful, you can see what cues they give, what you feel works and doesn’t work in a class, and you can find the styles of fitness that interest you.

I definitely think this has helped me to be a better trainer and to be more confident with what I am doing. Plus we have done two internships this term, which has been a great learning experience.  Now I just need to finish my last three weeks and take my ACSM test!  Wish me luck πŸ™‚ 

Happy running! 



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