What I’ve Been Up To

So, since this is mainly a fitness/running blog, I figured I would give you guys an update on what fitness stuff I have been up to.  If you have read my last posts, you will know that I have been taking fitness classes because I am working on becoming a personal trainer, so that has been a nice change of pace!

In the fall, I took a Core & Cardio class and a Yoga class, so that was really nice, because I got classes 4 days a week, and then I did some weights/strength training on top of that, nothing to crazy.  Winter term, I didn’t have any fitness classes, so I was in the gym 5 days a week, lifting weights, working on gaining muscle, and it has really paid off!  I finally figured out how to get the perky butt, and hamstrings I want, which has been nice, and I also have seen quite a bit of change in my shoulders, and abs.

In February, I started doing some light running again, because I was training for a race in April, it was just a 5K, so I didn’t need to be to conditioned.  In the Spring, I have also started a Pilates Barre class at school, which has been really fun.  My teacher is an ex-dancer, so the Barre section is very much like a ballet barre class, but she is so upbeat and crazy that she makes it fun, and the Pilates section has been so good for me!  I have really sh*tty hip flexors, and a tight back (and other horse related problems lol), so Pilates has really helped me learn how to strengthen parts of my body, and then also work with my injuries.  It’s been great, and I have learned a ton from it.

View from the top of Table Rock

Running wise, this past month has finally gotten some good weather, so I can actually run again!  I want to lose some weight too, so I have started to add in running, or other cardio like hiking, 3 days a week in addition to loosely watching what I eat.  I am currently only doing about 5 miles a week, but I want to get conditioned again, and start running long distances.  I am thinking that I’ll have more success with that when school is done and I move back to California, where the weather is always nice!

So that’s a bit about my life!  Have you guys been kicking your fitness into gear now that the weather is nice?

Happy Running!



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