What a week!!  Today is the start of the last 2 weeks of my school term (I’m on the quarter system), there are only 11 days until the term is over, and 14 days until I move.  Suffice it to say, I’m a bit stressed!  I am lucky though, because the classes that I have the most work in are online classes, so I have done almost all of my work for the end of the year, I just need to create a project, and take a final, all online, and then I am done.  So hopefully I am done with all my homework this week, and I can just focus of packing all of my stuff up!

A beautiful view to help relax me 😀

Packing, is a whole other stress in itself.  I am kind of surprised at how “moved in” I became over the last 15 months, I can’t take too much stuff with me when I move because I don’t have an apartment, so I’ll be living out of my suitcase.  That means, I need to get very organized now, so I know where all of my things are, they are packed and labeled in boxes, and everything is out of my parents way in their garage and house.

Besides that, I have been pretty good on eating well, and adding in cardio during the week.  I haven’t been tracking my food, I just try to eat mainly vegetables and fruits, and only eat when I am hungry.  So far that is working, I’ve lost about 2 lbs in 2 weeks, so I am happy about that, plus last week wasn’t great because (TMI) I was on my period, so I was pretty bloated everyday.

I know that my “low weight” will be much higher than when I was at my skinniest four years ago because I had NO muscle then, and I am very glad to say, I have quite a bit of it now.  I don’t really have a target weight in mind, I am just going to try and lose maybe 10 lbs, or 15 lbs, and see what I look like, and if I feel like I would like to lose more, then I’ll try and do that.  I have historically had a hard time losing weight because I have borderline Hypothyroidism, I have all the precursor signs, but I am not bad enough to be diagnosed yet.  Even with that though, I am going to try and just listen to my body, and do what I can, that is what is most important.

So on to another week!  Another week of packing, school work, and diet and exercise!  I’m looking forward to my end that is in sight!  Hope you all have a great week, and get through any stresses that are in your lives.

Happy Running



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