Sore No More

My legs are dead!  On Monday I took a class at the gym that I have an internship at for school, and it was intense.  It was led by a French national who competes in Spartan races, and it was kind of a boot camp style class, we did about 30-40 minutes of cardio, and then 20-30 minutes of tabata style, body weight exercises.  I definitely did not wear the right shoes, I just had on my walking/everyday Nike’s, and I definitely should have wore my Asics!  It was super fun though, and a great workout, I sweated so much!

On Tuesday I took my Pilates Barre class at school, so it’s longer than a typical fitness class because it takes up a regular class period, so it’s an hour and a half class.  It was a good class, but if you have every done Barre, you know that it kills your legs, there is a lot of calf and quad work.  So my calves are sooo sore!  But luckily I have some ways to get rid of soreness.

I’m sure most people will know most of these tips, but for anyone who wants to hear what works for me, here it is!

  1. I foam roll everything!  I foam roll my shins, my calves, my quads, hamstrings, IT band, hips, glutes, etc. 
  2. I stretch.  There are certain stretches that I love (post coming soon), but I always think that people should try out some yoga videos to find some stretches that feel good to them.
  3. I wear compression socks.  I only do this if my legs are dying, but if I am having shin splint, I’ll pop my Pro Compression socks on under my jeans while I am at work. 
  4. I use horse liniment!  This might sound crazy to people who have never had large animals, but a bunch of horse products can be used on people.  Liniment is a joint and muscle soreness relief similar to products like Tiger Balm.  It smells like mint, and you just rub/massage the liniment into your skin wherever it is sore, and you will feel much better the next day!  Just remember to wear surgical gloves 🙂

Of course remember to hydrate and eat some good recovery food to help your muscles repair themselves!  So I’m doing okay today, though not good enough to run on Global Running Day, but I’ll get some miles in this weekend.  What do you guys do to recover?  I’ve never tried ice baths, has anyone else?

Happy Running!



4 thoughts on “Sore No More

  1. The nearest I got to ice baths, is sitting in an empty bath and filling the bath up around you with water from the cold tap. – t shirt on and warm cuppa in hand! it helps your legs to recover really well after long training sessions. (I always had a warm shower after!). Happy running 🙂

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