The World Is Crazy

Anyone who watches or reads the news already knows about all the crazy stuff that has happened this past week; a fire in England, a shooting in DC, another shooting in SF.  A few other things happened yesterday and today that hit a bit closer to home.

Growing up, I lived about 15 to 20 minutes away from Travis Air Force Base, and we would regularly go on to the base to for horse shows, and for plane exhibitions.  Yesterday they were put on a security lock down, which luckily turned out to not be credible.  They had misinformation about there being a shooter on the campus, and after the several other shootings in the day, I’m sure tensions were running high.

Today there was a security threat a one of the campuses of the college that I go to.  Around noon the school sent out emails, text messages, and phone calls (I got all three), to evacuate the campus in Medford because of a credible treat, the news reported.  They found a letter in one of the building referencing the shooting in 2015 at the Umpqua Community College where 10 people were killed.  We are still waiting to see what happens, especially since it is still finals week, and I have a final in Medford tomorrow morning.

I will never understand people who think that violence is the answer, but unfortunately it just keeps happening.  I’m not going to get all preachy and liberal on here, it’s not going to help the situation, I just hope people will see what is happening around the world, and realize that it could happen to them, in their town.  I have been at a school where there was a bomb threat before, and while it was fake, you realize that this is serious, and these kind of actions do have consequences, and affect peoples lives.

I hope you guys have a good evening, and tell your family and friends you love them.



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