The Beach, Interviews, and the OC

I’ve officially been living in the OC for a week now!  I must say, it has been going pretty well so far, I have really been enjoying the awesome weather.  Our hot day was 85 degrees, instead of 100+ like the places I used to live, what an improvement!  It has also been pretty nice because my sister goes to work everyday, but I don’t have a job set up yet, so I get the house to myself all day, which is very nice.

hike at the Newport Nature Preserve

Speaking of jobs though, I have 3 interviews set up for this week, and I have gotten emailed about 2 other possible opportunities!  So I’m hoping at least one person wants to hire me, fingers crossed!  The first interview I had this week was with 24 Hour Fitness, they are opening a new location, and need about 25 trainers, and they have called me back for a second interview for Wednesday.  I also have an interview to be a receptionist at a yoga studio on Wednesday which would be great to have until I can get my personal training off the ground.

Also, I have gone to the beach 3 or 4 times since living here, which has been so awesome.  My sister lives right about 2 miles from Newport Beach, so it’s pretty easy to pop down there for a few hours during the week, when most people are at work.  It is a bit busier this week though, since kids are out of school so they are hanging at the beach.

I’ve gotten in 4 runs since I have been here too, with my sister, which has been really nice, and pretty fun.  The neighborhoods are really quiet here so it’s so nice to go for a short one or two mile early in the morning or after dinner.  I also started going to my sister’s gym this week, so that is nice for me, get my pump on, lol!  Also, it’s great for me, because I personal train my sister a few days a week so she gets help, and I get some more experience.

All in all, I am pretty dang, happy with my decision to move down here, but check back in with me in a few months! 😉

Happy Running,



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