Interviewing as a Personal Trainer

Since I have spent this past month going on interviews that have to do with the fitness industry, I figured I would give some tips, some sample questions, etc.  So if you are going to be interviewing in the fitness industry, this may be very useful for you! So first off, we need to talk … Continue reading Interviewing as a Personal Trainer

Life is Getting a Little Greener

My professional life is finally starting to get on track!  I currently have 4 classes a week that I teach, and now I have gotten a job at a spin/yoga studio, working their front desk.  It seems like its going to be a great opportunity, because they want to start me out part time but … Continue reading Life is Getting a Little Greener

Running Adventures!

I've been trying to stay consistent with running a few days a week since I moved to Orange County, and I have been pretty successful so far!  Sundays have been my "long run" days, which really just means that my sister and I try and find somewhere fun to run, and spend sometime on the … Continue reading Running Adventures!

The Time Flies When You Are Busy!

I'm running out of steam!  Life has been so busy since I have moved that I am so surprised that I got to Costa Mesa, 3 weeks ago today.  I feel like I haven't breathed since I got here, which is okay, since you have to hustle, but man am I in need of a … Continue reading The Time Flies When You Are Busy!

The Bright Side?

Life man.  It's going pretty well, but do you ever just get so tired that you want to ignore all your responsibilities and sleep for 4 days?  That's pretty much how I felt yesterday and today, just totally exhausted.  It probably had something to do with being outside on the 4th, the sun always takes … Continue reading The Bright Side?


This week has been good on the interview front.  I have had 4 in person interviews, and one phone interview this week, and I have two interviews scheduled for next week, and one for the week after.  So I have definitely been getting calls, and people are interested in my resume at least, so I … Continue reading Werk!