The Bright Side?

Life man.  It’s going pretty well, but do you ever just get so tired that you want to ignore all your responsibilities and sleep for 4 days?  That’s pretty much how I felt yesterday and today, just totally exhausted.  It probably had something to do with being outside on the 4th, the sun always takes it out of you, and it’s probably also (TMI) because of my period, but I also feel this way when I have no apparent causes.  Not all the time, but it is there.

art at The Lab

I am borderline Hypothyroid, so it’s probably just symptoms, but I must just carry on.  I must say, I am shocked at how much interviews are taking out of me.  I have interviewed many times before, but never this kind of marathon, of interviewing before.  Of course I want to put my best foot forward, so I take my time getting ready, wear a nice outfit, and of course I’m nervous whenever I have an interview, so I definitely feel tired afterwards!

Last week I had 4 in person interviews, and one phone interview, and this week I have 2 interviews scheduled, and 2 scheduled for next week already, potentially more.  In the in between hours, I’m applying for more jobs, cleaning my sisters apartment, studying for my ACSM test, working out, and teaching 3 classes a week so far.  I’m ready for this stress to be over, so I am hoping that by the end of next week, I have another offer for at least a part time position.

burrito anything is what I live for!

Anyways, on the fitness front, I have definitely been sporadic.  I started teaching a Cycle Core Strength class 3 times a week, so I do the cycling with the class, and some of the core/strength moves, but not the whole class.  I also need to try and get on some sort of schedule when it comes to my own personal fitness.  I do much better when I stick to a plan, so I just need to make one.

Life is pretty crazy right now, but, as with anything, I just gotta deal with it as it comes!  I hope you all had a great 4th, it was amazing driving home that night on the freeway, because there were just fireworks going off everywhere the whole drive home.  It was pretty magical, but then again, I love fireworks, lol.

Happy Running!



2 thoughts on “The Bright Side?

  1. I know how you feel – job hunting/interviewing is so tough that feels like a whole other job. Hopefully, you will get an offer very soon: fingers crossed.

    That burrito looks nice; it was a lot better than my lunch.

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