The Time Flies When You Are Busy!

I’m running out of steam!  Life has been so busy since I have moved that I am so surprised that I got to Costa Mesa, 3 weeks ago today.  I feel like I haven’t breathed since I got here, which is okay, since you have to hustle, but man am I in need of a good nap!

sunset in Newport last week

I’m lucky that since I am staying to my sisters couch, she is good with me just trading rent for personal training and my cleaning services lol.  Her place needs it, since it’s a small, one bed, one bath and she has 2 cats.  So I clean right about every other day!  But then again, I am kind of a neat freak.  I am so happy to live here though, because there is so much to do, and it is such a beautiful part of California.  The neighborhood we are in is also crazy safe, we will run in the evening, and people have their front doors just open, not a care in the world.

clearly I don’t know how to take an OOTD lol 

I’m also thinking about doing a blog post about interviewing as a personal trainer/fitness instructor.  Would you, my lovely internet friends, be interested in this?  Let me know!

I also forgot how hard running in the morning is!  My sister is a morning person, so she wants to get our runs out of the way before she goes to work, and my gosh is it hard to get my body moving at 6 am.  We have been doing pretty well though at staying consistent.  Last week, I didn’t get a long run in though because I taught a fitness class on Saturday and went to the gym with my sister, and I did a photo shoot on Sunday with a friend of my sister so that I had some nice photos.  (fyi, check out my new header image, isn’t it nice?!)


one of the photos by Miss Coral Photography @misscoralphotography on insta

I’ve been looking up some yoga studios around here, and looking at groupons I can get.  I would really like to take advantage of how many studios are around here, and get a bit more regular with my yoga, who knows, maybe one day I’ll become a yoga teacher :).  If anyone knows of good yoga studios in Orange County/Newport area, let me know!


look! yoga!! lol

I am looking forward to when I have a bit more of a regular schedule because I have a job!  That will be a nice day indeed.  How is everyone’s summer going?  Are you all getting your runs in, in the morning?

Happy Running!



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