The First Step

We all deal with stress in our lives in different ways, and often it takes us a long time to realize how we cope, and then to change those patterns to be healthier.  I have been under a fair amount of stress about finding somewhere to live because my sister is moving at the beginning … Continue reading The First Step


Technology Hates Me

My tech has not been good to me this week!  It's such a first world problem, but I think we get so used to relying on technology that it can be hard to function when it doesn't work correctly. First I got some emails from Apple, and apparently someone decided to hack my account and … Continue reading Technology Hates Me

Trying to Find Balance?

Wow has last week been crazy!  I feel like that is just my life now, but hopefully everything will start to settle down once I have an apartment, and I get into the groove of my jobs. Last week was particularly crazy though because the company that I teach fitness classes for had an event … Continue reading Trying to Find Balance?

Running In More Ways Than One

Wow!  Having two jobs is great, and I actually really enjoy both jobs, but it is hectic!!  On Saturday (yesterday) I worked in 3 different locations, for 2 different employers, in the span of 3-4 hours.  It was crazy. I started off my morning at 9 am teaching a bootcamp at an apartment complex in … Continue reading Running In More Ways Than One