Trying to Find Balance?

Wow has last week been crazy!  I feel like that is just my life now, but hopefully everything will start to settle down once I have an apartment, and I get into the groove of my jobs.

Last week was particularly crazy though because the company that I teach fitness classes for had an event on Saturday, so besides teaching two classes, I was at that event for 5 hours.  I’m not naturally an extrovert, so putting on the charm definitely takes a lot of energy out of me!  I didn’t get home until 4, and I fell asleep for 2 hours, which of course meant that I couldn’t sleep at night so I was super tired when I had to be at work the next day at 7:30 am.  The struggle was real!

It’s been really nice to work so much though, because I really need to make some money for the security deposit on an apartment, and to just be able to live in general!  I have been covering so many people shift at work so far, so that has been really good, especially since I live about .7 of a mile from my job, so I just ride my bike to work and it takes 5 minutes.  It’s pretty ideal.

With the hectic schedule, I have been pretty bad about hitting up the gym.  Some days I’m super motivated, and either take a spin class, or go to the gym and lift some weights.  The only problem for me is that any kind of lack of sleep or poor eating makes me so incredibly tired that it will feel like I’m living my life in a fog, so when that happens I do absolutely nothing.  Luckily that happens less and less as I keep up with my healthy lifestyle, but it is a problem that I personally face, and I just gotta work on staying committed even when I don’t feel like it.  At least I teach 4 workout classes a week so I get at least a little bit of a workout then!

I’m thinking that I’ll be doing better once I am a bit more used to my schedule, and once I actually have a bed to sleep on and not a couch!  But until that glorious day comes, I just need to power through, and keep living my best life lol.

Happy Running!



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