Technology Hates Me

My tech has not been good to me this week!  It’s such a first world problem, but I think we get so used to relying on technology that it can be hard to function when it doesn’t work correctly.

First I got some emails from Apple, and apparently someone decided to hack my account and add me to a family sharing account.  So for all of you people out there like me that didn’t think to much about iPhone security, take a minute and set up 2-step authentication in settings >iCloud>(name)>password & security.  So once that happened, I spent a frantic 30 minutes reading up on Apple’s website how to fix the situation I unwittingly found myself in.

Next my computer decided to be a jerk.  I didn’t turn it off, just shut the lid of my laptop, and when I tried to wake it up again, it said that it couldn’t boot, so I get to try and find some time over the next few days to take it to Best Buy and hopefully they can fix it, because I really don’t want to lose all my data!  This has finally pushed me to buy an external hard drive so that this doesn’t happen again.  But this situation is ever evolving, so who knows whats going to happen!

Today I was back to my iPhone woes.  I looked on my bank statement, and I had a charge from Apple, which I didn’t make, so I had to call them up, and I was literally on the phone with them for over an hour and 30 minutes!  They refunded the charge, but for some reason the other persons account was still showing up in my App Store Purchases, and of course they couldn’t figure out how to get the account off my account.  Literally after 1.5 hours all they said was to turn my phone off and on, which didn’t work.  So this is an unresolved situation too.

All in all, I remember why I hate technology, and why it sucks when it fails you!  Its just such an integral part of life now, it’s hard to function with out our tech, but it can be so expensive to fix and replace, it really sucks.  Oh well, that part of being an adult right?


P.S. I know this isn’t what I usually talk about, so back to our regularly scheduled programing with the next post! 🙂


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