New Chapters

So it looks like the last time I posted on here was September, which was 7 months ago.  Consistency is key, am I right?  If you don’t know me in real life, I’ll give you all a quick life update, not that anyone really cares that much about the minutiae of my life lol.

My old job 😦

When I last posted, I had just moved into my apartment, and I have currently been there these past 7 months, and that worked out better than expected!  I met my roommate off of Craigslist, and the apartment is a 2 bed 2 bath, and really cheap for this area, so I am really glad with how that worked out.  I also was teaching fitness classes, which I stopped in October because I became the Assistant Manager at YAS which was a yoga and spin studio.  Everything was going really great, I was putting away money into my savings and investment accounts, and just living my life.  Unfortunately, a week before Thanksgiving, YAS corporate let us know that they were going out of business and shutting down all the locations the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Christmas in the OC is insane 

So I was out of a job and heading in to the Holidays, and life was pretty rough.  I was pretty scared about what I was going to do because YAS really had been the perfect position for me, and I just wanted to be able to pay all my bills and pay my rent.  But when it rains it pours, I got into a minor car accident at the beginning of December and it cost just over $2K to fix my car, which I didn’t have, and at the time I was working about 12 miles from where I lived, so I got very familiar with the local bus system for a few weeks.

I ended up having a string of part-time jobs that were just not paying me what I needed for how far they were from my house, so I ended up getting hired at a European Wax Center that was really close to my house.  It is actually right next to where YAS used to be, which is ironic.  So my job at EWC is not the best, it only pays minimum wage, but I do have 33 ish hours each week, give or take.  But this situation was really a wake up call for me, and as we age, we learn things about our selves.  I know now that I never want to be in a industry where my job will just suddenly vanish, and unfortunately that is what the fitness industry is.  It’s very fickle, and things change quickly, for better or worse.

Because of all of this, I looked into going back to school, and I am planning on starting back at a community college near my house for the summer term.  I’m looking at going into the Dental Hygienist program but I need to do about a year of pre-reqs first.  So I have a meeting set up with a counselor to talk about what classes I have to take, and I am going to go into the financial aid office to apply for student loans.

My life is definitely not what I planned for it to be, but that is the nature of the beast!  I’m finally starting to feel like I am on solid ground again, so I hope that that continues, school goes well and things start to look up.

In fitness news, I gave up my gym membership because I wanted to save money, but I have started running again about 2 months ago.  I ran a turkey trot in November, and then I admittedly let my stress get to me, and didn’t do much of anything for awhile.  But my dad is turning 60 this year, and last year we did a relay duathlon, so he wants to do one for his birthday up in the Bay Area.  So I have been training very consistently for that (I can be consistent about somethings!), besides last week when I got a head cold, but I was back at it today training.

So, no promises, but I think I am going to try and be a bit better about posting, because it is fun, and I also think it is so helpful for other people to be able to see that other are just people too and have ups and downs.  If you have any words of wisdom, leave them below!  Has anyone else had to struggle from being laid off?  Let me know, we can commiserate together!

Happy Running



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