Some Advice Please

Yes, the title is serious.  Not really, but lets get right into it!  As some of you may or may not know (depending on if you follow my Instagram or read my last blog), I am training for a half-marathon.  With that said, as I up my miles, I am finding that I am in need of a few new additions to my gear.

First up – I need some kind of flashlight, head lamp situation.  I primarily run at night, because it is when I personally feel the humidity less, but because of that I have definitely had some issues with lighting, and there are never enough street lamps.  So if anyone has any tips, or any products that they love, please send them my way!  I have run a few times with the flashlight on my iPhone, but it really doesn’t do a great job.

Second – Water bottles!  I know many runners don’t take water with them, but I have to.  I have always sweat more than the average person, so likewise I drink more water than the average person.  I have a bottle that I have been running with but it wasn’t made for running so it can be a bit cumbersome at times.  So if any of you have any water bottles that are comfortable to run with, I would love a link.

Third – As I said before, I run mostly at night, so I really need to invest in some reflective visibility gear.  I was thinking about just grabbing a vest at Home Depot, but I figured it would really annoy me because of how loose they are.  Any running specific reflective gear you use would be greatly appreciated!

Those are all the thing that I needed recommendations for, and thank you in advance for any help you send my way!  Believe me, I really appreciate it.  It’s always better to get someones actually opinion on a product rather than just buying something blind online.


Happy Running!


9 thoughts on “Some Advice Please

  1. Hey, hope the training is going well! My advice would be:

    Light: alway go for a head torch! I ran with a handheld torch for ages and it gave me barely any visibility. A head torch lights up the whole path ahead of you. I would spend a little bit more and get a good one that you can recharge. Then it’ll be comfy, bright, and you won’t have to replace batteries all the time.

    Bottle: I have a Salomon Hydro Handset that I love! It straps onto your hand so you don’t have to hold it, and it’s a soft bottle so nice and light. And the nozzle is amazing!

    Visibility: I worry that a vest would be too warm so I have light up armbands that I wear when I run in the dark. You can also get lights for the back of your shoes that look pretty cool.

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  2. I’m one of those nuts who holds onto his water bottle during his long runs. I think that it helps to distract me. For my last marathon, I held on to my simple Poland Spring water bottle until mile 18/19. Recently, I have consider getting a water bottle handset, but we’ll see if I actually buy one.

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  3. Light: I’ve never had to bother with a headlight because there are always enough street lights where I run, so I’m lucky in that aspect.

    Water: Depending on how long my run is, I use the handheld 20 ounce bottle from Orange Mud. On my longer runs I use the 70 ounce water bladder endurance pack from Orange Mud. Both are incredible light weight. I always carry water on me. On my longer runs its water and Gatorade.

    Visibility: When I run at night my Nike hats usually have reflective all the way around, and I usually wear bright colored clothing as well.

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