About Me

Hey everyone!  I’m a woman in her mid-twenties, born and raised in California, and was displaced to Oregon for a year for school, now I’m living down in Orange County and heading off to school again.  I have a history of sports, growing up I played soccer, basketball, and I was a competitive equestrian!  After finishing up my competitive career when I was 22, I realized that I had an unhealthy relationship with food and my body so I started on my journey to getting fit.  The last few years have been tough, with many personal ups and downs, weight loss and weight gain, but I am finally feeling okay with how my body looks, and I am working to become stronger and more fit as apposed to just skinny.  I’m currently working on becoming a Dental Hygienist, and am going back to school for what feels like the 100th time.  Make sure to subscribe to my blog to see my adventures, and what happens in my unpredictable life!

Also add me on Nike+ Running: sashanl92 and on Instagram: snl92

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