Goodbye Summer!

Summer has flown by this year, maybe it's just because there is actually fall in Southern Oregon so it seems like a more definitive end?  There really isn't a real fall in California, so it's a new experience to wake up and it actually be in the 40s in the morning!  I'm liking it though … Continue reading Goodbye Summer!


Ummmmmmm… HELLO!

Long time no see!  Or read, whatever floats your boat.  I took a little break from social media this summer simply because I feel like when something starts to take over your life you probably need to take a step back and evaluate your relationship with that thing, so that's what I did.  It was … Continue reading Ummmmmmm… HELLO!

Zapped Engergy

Must say, energy levels are feeling low again this week.  Monday was great, it was pouring rain, so I didn't run, I just went to the gym and rode the bike then I lifted, and felt awesome!  Tuesday was fun because I went out to Ulta (which I honestly don't like nearly as much as … Continue reading Zapped Engergy

Is It Saturday Yet?

This week has felt so long, but at least tomorrow is Friday right?!  Work has felt so long this week, so much that needed to be done/re-done which was annoying but it is what it is, you can only do so much with the information you are provided, so I made do, and busted my … Continue reading Is It Saturday Yet?

Happy and healthy

This winter everyone seems to be getting sick out here in California!  I am going to guess it has to do with the El Nino weather patterns that have been happening out here as of late, switching from 30s/40s to high 50s and back again is bound to mess with anyone.  So it got me … Continue reading Happy and healthy

Injuries Are Stupid

Ugh, I got the worst news that a runner can get, don't run.  I hurt my foot during my race two weeks ago and it was feeling better by Monday so I ran on it.  In the words of Vivian Ward, "Big mistake, huge."  So its been more sore this week (though it is feeling better today), … Continue reading Injuries Are Stupid

A Week In The Life!

I am so glad I made it through last week!  I was so tired, and my foot was still sore, so sleeping in this weekend was great, plus there is nothing better on a rainy day than laying in bed listening to it.  Saturday was kind of the perfect day to just head out to … Continue reading A Week In The Life!

Tennessee in California

Did you all know that this year marks the 100th anniversary for the National Park Service?!  For me growing up, we were always at National Parks, National Reserves, Monuments, Historical Sites, etc.  My parents were always getting us out in nature and showing us the amazing places in our country that will hopefully be around … Continue reading Tennessee in California


This past week has really done wonders for my outlook, thank goodness!  I finally feel like I had some free time, I got to finally sleep, I didn't run or workout very much at all, and I was just lazy.  Sometimes being lazy is what is needed, so long as it doesn't become a habit. … Continue reading R&R

Gaaaahhhhh, Why So Expensive!

I love all sports that I have participated in, soccer, basketball, equestrian, running, etc, but why are sports so expensive?!  I guess I need to console myself with the fact that no matter how much I think an awesome new pair of running tights are, they in no way compare to what I had to … Continue reading Gaaaahhhhh, Why So Expensive!