Where has the time gone?

Hello friends!  Long time no see right?  Been right about a week since I posted last because I let my life just get away from me, does that ever happen to you?  You just get caught up in the things you have to do, things you've planned, the work flow, etc, and next thing you … Continue reading Where has the time gone?


They See Me Grazin, They Hatin

So I did the free trail for the Graze subscription box, and I said that I would do a review so here it is (finally!)! (Also, I am in no way sponsored or affiliated with Graze, I wish!) I got my free trial code from Blogilates, there was a post on her Instagram page awhile back, … Continue reading They See Me Grazin, They Hatin

Weekend? What Weekend?

Its been a rough weekend this week!  I have been needing to go into the lab at my doctors and get some blood drawn to test my thyroid so I decided to go on Saturday.  I've always had a large thyroid, so my doctors have been wary of me developing hypothyroidism which would really suck. … Continue reading Weekend? What Weekend?


I'm soooooooooo happy this week is just about over!  Its been kind of a miserable week because it has been over 100 degrees every day, so it has not inspired me to walk to the gym in the evenings as per usual.  If you read my last post, you also know that I've been feeling … Continue reading TGIF!

Is Blah A Feeling?

I've been so busy the last week which has been nice, but I think I'm feeling the effects now!  I'm definitely coming down with a cold which is never good when you are trying to keep active.  I took last week off from running and the gym so that I could recoup physically and get … Continue reading Is Blah A Feeling?

Can you take a vacation from life

The last week and a half has been rough!  Some shin splints and general soreness has kept me from running as much as I would like, and I feel like sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day.  The last few days especially have been emotionally draining on a personal level, and I … Continue reading Can you take a vacation from life

This Week Has Been a Pain, Literally

Sometimes I feel so old!  The last few days have been a pain in the back, literally.  Its amazing that I got through seven weeks of frequent, regular running without having any pain before now, because old back injuries die hard.  The horse that cause all my issues lol  All of my years of riding … Continue reading This Week Has Been a Pain, Literally


Where has the time gone?! I'm now starting week seven of my training program out of eight! I'm excited and nervous that it's so close to race time, but at least I feel prepared, now it's all about managing my legs and making sure I'm good to go come August 16th.     Running through CAJ … Continue reading Homestretch! 

Thoooose Days

Do you ever have those days?  The ones where your body and life feel like oatmeal, thick, hard to move, unchangeable, and usually rather boring?  Or those days where anything and everything is wrong, nothing is how you felt your life was going to pan out, being an adult is hard, and all you want … Continue reading Thoooose Days

Rewind and Refocus

Hmmmm...  Set backs suck, but you know what?  That's a part of life.  This may be the horse show girl in me talking, but I almost appreciate being set back a little bit, even if its a minor injury, because you learn something about yourself and how your body works (or your horses' lol).  Why … Continue reading Rewind and Refocus