The Time Flies When You Are Busy!

I'm running out of steam!  Life has been so busy since I have moved that I am so surprised that I got to Costa Mesa, 3 weeks ago today.  I feel like I haven't breathed since I got here, which is okay, since you have to hustle, but man am I in need of a … Continue reading The Time Flies When You Are Busy!

The Bright Side?

Life man.  It's going pretty well, but do you ever just get so tired that you want to ignore all your responsibilities and sleep for 4 days?  That's pretty much how I felt yesterday and today, just totally exhausted.  It probably had something to do with being outside on the 4th, the sun always takes … Continue reading The Bright Side?


This week has been good on the interview front.  I have had 4 in person interviews, and one phone interview this week, and I have two interviews scheduled for next week, and one for the week after.  So I have definitely been getting calls, and people are interested in my resume at least, so I … Continue reading Werk!

The Beach, Interviews, and the OC

I've officially been living in the OC for a week now!  I must say, it has been going pretty well so far, I have really been enjoying the awesome weather.  Our hot day was 85 degrees, instead of 100+ like the places I used to live, what an improvement!  It has also been pretty nice … Continue reading The Beach, Interviews, and the OC

What A Whirlwind!

So I have officially moved!  I am now a resident of Costa Mesa! 🙂  I am so happy to be back in California with all the traffic, and the crazy drivers lol.  But really, I am so happy to be back in a place where people are hustling, and life is happening.  It makes me … Continue reading What A Whirlwind!

The World Is Crazy

Anyone who watches or reads the news already knows about all the crazy stuff that has happened this past week; a fire in England, a shooting in DC, another shooting in SF.  A few other things happened yesterday and today that hit a bit closer to home. Growing up, I lived about 15 to 20 … Continue reading The World Is Crazy


What a week!!  Today is the start of the last 2 weeks of my school term (I'm on the quarter system), there are only 11 days until the term is over, and 14 days until I move.  Suffice it to say, I'm a bit stressed!  I am lucky though, because the classes that I have … Continue reading Stress!

Becoming a Personal Trainer

Since I am almost done with school, I figured that I would make a post about my program, and becoming a Personal Trainer! Some of you may know, this last year I have been attending a community college, and doing a year long program to become a Personal Trainer.  The school that I go to … Continue reading Becoming a Personal Trainer

Ummmmmmm… Hi

So it's been a hot second (literally, its 94 here today), I haven't posted anything since October, honestly because school was taking a bunch of time, and I had a part time job and was trying to stay relatively regular when it came to my fitness routine.  Suffice it to say, most other things got … Continue reading Ummmmmmm… Hi

First Week Down!

My first week of Fall Term was this week!  I am so excited about my classes, my teachers seem awesome, but I am definitely going to be having some homework to do!  I'm taking 6 classes, this fall, but before anyone freaks out, two of them are fitness classes, and one is kind of an … Continue reading First Week Down!