What A Long Week!

So I just finished my 6 day work week.  UGH, it was long!!  But I'm so glad that it is over, because school starts on Monday for the fall quarter, and I need to go to the store and buy some stuff and get everything ready for the week, including food of course. 😀 This … Continue reading What A Long Week!

It’s A Good Day To Have A Good Day

Hello friends!  Long time no see, and this time it was actually for a good reason!  I started at my new job last week, and anyone who has worked in retail knows that it can be pretty tiring during the adjustment period.  I'm glad I finally got a part time gig worked out for myself … Continue reading It’s A Good Day To Have A Good Day

Summer Is Coming!

The weather here has been pretty sporadic, but one thing is for sure, its starting to heat up!  The past few days we had some rain showers, but the week before that we were having 70-80 degree days, and it looks like we will be back to that by this weekend and into next week. … Continue reading Summer Is Coming!

I Scream for Ice Cream!

Hey friends!  So if you have been here at the party (lol) for awhile, you know that I love me a smoothie, and I was kind of experimenting recently, so I wan't to share a fun little recipe with you. 🙂 Its a Chocolate Non-Ice Cream Smoothie!  It really does taste like chocolate ice cream, … Continue reading I Scream for Ice Cream!

Eating More & Feeling Better

The past few weeks I've been doing pretty well on my diet, I've been eating a bunch of veggies, and of course eating oatmeal!  I've been testing out eating 4 meals a day and its been making me feeling much better.  I feel less hungry and I'm not feeling the urge to binge on sweets … Continue reading Eating More & Feeling Better

Healthy Cake?!

So I became a Nuttzo Ambassador this year (20% off code sasha-20) as many of you know, and while I love eating straight nut butter, I figured I should try actually making something yummy with it!  I already tried chocolate muffins, and believe me, it was a resounding success, so now I'm on to my next try at … Continue reading Healthy Cake?!

Chocolate Muffins are Healthy???

As a human being, I love chocolate, doesn't everyone?  Its kind of just the best thing ever, and I really never get tired of eating or drinking it.  So since I'm a Nuttzo Ambassador this year (code: sasha-20 for 20% off) I decided to try making a tasty recipe using it!    Checking out the website I … Continue reading Chocolate Muffins are Healthy???


So anyone that exercises often knows that you are always hungry!  So trying out some new tasty ideas is always something that I'm down for.    Sister and I hanging out at Apple Hill with all the amazing food! The other week my sister visited me for the weekend, and I happened to have a … Continue reading Brunchin


My one true love in life?  Food, duh.  I must say I spend a great deal of my day thinking about food, what I'm going to eat, what would be cool to try cooking, etc.  This is probably helped along with the fact that for my current job I sit in front of a computer … Continue reading Fooooooooood

Just Keep Swimming

Its amazing what a little perspective will do for you and your motivation you know?  Sometimes I feel like I'm not getting any better, losing any weight, getting any stronger, etc, but even when I have some off days or weeks, I just have to look at where I was this time last year.  Or … Continue reading Just Keep Swimming