May Day

May is shaping up to be a fun month!  I am still broke as shit, but there are some cool activities going on in the area, and that I got tickets to awhile ago.  Next weekend the Amgen Tour of California starts in Long Beach, which is about 30-45 minutes from where I live, so … Continue reading May Day


The Highs and Lows

This past week of running has been very interesting, full of highs and lows!  I went for a pretty simple 2 mile run on Friday night, but at the end of the run, I had ended up with small hives all over my upper body.  So naturally, I went to Target and grabbed an antihistamine … Continue reading The Highs and Lows

Running Adventures!

I've been trying to stay consistent with running a few days a week since I moved to Orange County, and I have been pretty successful so far!  Sundays have been my "long run" days, which really just means that my sister and I try and find somewhere fun to run, and spend sometime on the … Continue reading Running Adventures!


This week has been good on the interview front.  I have had 4 in person interviews, and one phone interview this week, and I have two interviews scheduled for next week, and one for the week after.  So I have definitely been getting calls, and people are interested in my resume at least, so I … Continue reading Werk!

What I’ve Been Up To

So, since this is mainly a fitness/running blog, I figured I would give you guys an update on what fitness stuff I have been up to.  If you have read my last posts, you will know that I have been taking fitness classes because I am working on becoming a personal trainer, so that has … Continue reading What I’ve Been Up To

Goodbye Summer!

Summer has flown by this year, maybe it's just because there is actually fall in Southern Oregon so it seems like a more definitive end?  There really isn't a real fall in California, so it's a new experience to wake up and it actually be in the 40s in the morning!  I'm liking it though … Continue reading Goodbye Summer!

Is Running A Thing?

So I was supposed to be running my first half marathon this fall, but my life had other plans for me.  I started a 12 week training program in June, and I was really powering through it even though I felt like crap after each run.  I leave for work at 7:00 so that meant … Continue reading Is Running A Thing?

Getting Out Of That Rut

Recently (whether or not I have wanted to admit it) I have been in a rut.  A rut with fitness, nutrition, life, I have just been feeling uninspired and stagnant.  I'm the kind of person that likes to avoid "tough" stuff, and I usually end up holing up in my room and pretending the rest … Continue reading Getting Out Of That Rut

Summer Is Coming!

The weather here has been pretty sporadic, but one thing is for sure, its starting to heat up!  The past few days we had some rain showers, but the week before that we were having 70-80 degree days, and it looks like we will be back to that by this weekend and into next week. … Continue reading Summer Is Coming!

Building Each Other Up

Recently I read a blog post from Erin Runs Around and she talked about an experience where she had felt embarrassed about the time that she finished a marathon in, which is so crazy to feel that way!  But it got me to thinking that really we all go trough it.  A similar experience happened to … Continue reading Building Each Other Up