Running the Day Away

So I never updated after my Memorial Day race with the fam.  I went pretty well!  My sister did the first leg, which was a 5k, my dad did the second leg which was cycling 18k, and I ran the last leg for another 5k.  I have no idea if we "placed" or what our … Continue reading Running the Day Away

Weekend Is Finally Here!

I am so glad this week is over!  It was a pretty great week overall, but I woke up Friday morning with a headache and a majorly runny nose, luckily it was pretty much over by mid-day, but I was not feeling hot in the morning.  Good thing where I work is nice and quiet … Continue reading Weekend Is Finally Here!


This past week has really done wonders for my outlook, thank goodness!  I finally feel like I had some free time, I got to finally sleep, I didn't run or workout very much at all, and I was just lazy.  Sometimes being lazy is what is needed, so long as it doesn't become a habit. … Continue reading R&R

Oh December

Few facts about December Leaving work and it being dark already really sucks. Running when it is not blisteringly hot is really great. It's the month that has Christmas, so that's a bonus! Trying to make sure you are warmed up enough before a run is way harder. And scheduling workouts around holiday activities can … Continue reading Oh December

Turkey Turkey Turkey!

The last week has been pretty crazy, story of my life right?  My roommate decided to have people over several times over the days leading up to the holiday so that definitely made my life harder, especially since there was no forewarning!  My sister drove up to my house on Tuesday from the LA area, … Continue reading Turkey Turkey Turkey!

Weekend Recap!

Recap on a Tuesday?  Yep, its happening!  I feel like life has gotten crazy over the last week or so and I just don't have enough hours in the day for everything.  It can be stressful, but sometimes all you need to do is take some time out to smell the roses, and life looks … Continue reading Weekend Recap!

Summer Goals

Everyone should have goals in life, short term, long term, 10 days or 10 year goals. So for this summer I have decided to set some goals for myself. Goal #1 - Finish my Nike+ Running training program. I started an 8 week 5k training program on their iPhone app on 6/22/15, and it is … Continue reading Summer Goals