My Gear

Here is all the running and fitness equipment that I currently use, I will update with any new items that I get!  I’m not paid by any of these companies (but I wouldn’t mind if they did!) so all of these products and my opinions are my own!  If you have any questions about these items, let me know with a comment or email. 🙂


I have a Garmin Vivofit2 Fitness Tracker it’s great for a beginner just getting into fitness and not wanting to drop $200-$500 on a high tech watch!


My running belt is the Fitletic Mini Sport Belt, its nice and small but stretches to fit what you need on the run!


I have compression socks from Pro Compression, their marathon sock is so supportive!


Anyone in fitness needs a good foam roller and I love the Trigger Point roller, they have several different sizes and colors, and it gives great relief from pain and soreness!


I like to stretch it out on a yoga mat, and even go to classes at times so I use my Gaiam Yoga Mat, its thicker than many you will find in stores which helps me because I hate being straight on that hard wood.


When running with my phone in a holder, I use Nathan SuperSonic 3, its very secure, and fits great on my arm.




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